The Best Time to Safari in Tanzania

If you’re planning a safari in Tanzania, one of the most important things to consider is when to go. The best time to visit Tanzania for a safari depends on a variety of factors, including weather patterns, animal migrations, and your own personal preferences. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different seasons in Tanzania and help you decide when the best time is for you to plan your trip.

Section 1: Overview of Tanzania’s Seasons

Tanzania has two distinct seasons: the dry season and the wet season. The dry season, which runs from June to October, is considered the best time to visit Tanzania for a safari. During this time, the weather is dry and sunny, making it ideal for game viewing. The wet season, which runs from November to May, is characterized by heavy rainfalls, making it more difficult to access certain parts of the country.

Section 2: Weather Patterns in Tanzania

The weather patterns in Tanzania are influenced by two major factors: the equator and the Indian Ocean. The equator runs directly through Tanzania, making it a tropical country with consistently high temperatures throughout the year. The Indian Ocean also plays a role in the country’s weather patterns, bringing moist air currents that lead to heavy rainfall during the wet season.

During the dry season, the weather in Tanzania is dry and sunny, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit. The nights can be cooler, with temperatures dropping into the mid-50s. This is the ideal time for game viewing, as animals congregate around the few remaining water sources.

During the wet season, the weather in Tanzania is hot and humid, with temperatures ranging from the mid-70s to mid-80s Fahrenheit. The heavy rains can make roads difficult to navigate and certain areas of the country inaccessible. However, the wet season also brings a flush of new growth, making it an excellent time for bird watching.

Section 3: Animal Migrations in Tanzania

One of the main reasons people visit Tanzania for a safari is to witness the incredible animal migrations that take place every year. The most famous of these migrations is the Great Wildebeest Migration, which takes place in the Serengeti National Park.

The Great Wildebeest Migration is a year-round event, but the timing of the migration depends on the location of the wildebeest herds. The herds typically move in a circular pattern, following the rains and the new grasses that come with them. In general, the best time to see the wildebeest migration in Tanzania is from June to October, when the herds are in the Serengeti.

Other notable animal migrations in Tanzania include the zebra migration in the Tarangire National Park and the elephant migration in the Tarangire and Manyara regions. These migrations occur throughout the year, but the best time to see them is during the dry season when the animals congregate around the remaining water sources.

Section 4: Personal Preferences

When planning a safari in Tanzania, it’s important to consider your own personal preferences. If you don’t mind the rain and want to take advantage of lower prices and smaller crowds, the wet season may be the best time for you to visit. If you’re primarily interested in game viewing and want to increase your chances of seeing the wildebeest migration, the dry season is the best time to go.

It’s also important to consider the specific activities you want to participate in during your safari. For example, if you’re interested in bird watching, the wet season may be the best time to visit Tanzania. If you want to see newborn animals, the months of January to March are the best time to go.

Section 5: Choosing the Right Safari Company

Choosing the right safari company is essential to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip to Tanzania. Here are some tips for choosing the right safari company:

Research the company

Do your research to find a reputable safari company with a proven track record of providing quality service and experiences. Look for reviews and ratings from previous customers and check if the company is a member of any professional associations such as the Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO) or the African Travel and Tourism Association (ATTA).

Check the safari itinerary

Make sure the safari itinerary includes all the places you want to visit and activities you want to do. Check the duration and the type of safari offered, and whether it suits your interests and budget.

Consider the guides

The quality of the safari experience largely depends on the expertise and knowledge of the safari guide. Look for a company that employs experienced and knowledgeable guides who can provide insightful information about the wildlife, culture, and history of Tanzania.

Compare prices

While price should not be the only factor in choosing a safari company, it is important to compare prices and packages offered by different companies to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Ask about safety measures

Safety should always be a top priority when going on a safari. Ask the safari company about their safety measures, such as the quality of their vehicles and equipment, and whether they have a comprehensive emergency plan in case of an unexpected event.

Consider the company’s environmental responsibility

Tanzania’s natural beauty is a precious resource, and it is important to choose a safari company that is committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable tourism. Look for a company that has policies in place to minimize their impact on the environment and supports local conservation efforts.

By following these tips, you can choose the right safari company for your trip to Tanzania and ensure a safe and unforgettable safari experience.


Tanzania is one of the best destinations in the world for a safari, with its diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, Tanzania has something for everyone.

The best time to visit Tanzania for a safari depends on your interests and preferences, as well as the seasonal changes and animal migrations in the various national parks. No matter when you decide to visit, Tanzania’s natural beauty and abundant wildlife will leave you awestruck.

Remember to plan ahead, choose the right safari company, and pack appropriately to make the most of your safari adventure. With proper preparation and a spirit of adventure, your Tanzania safari will be an experience of a lifetime.