How to Choose a Tanzania Safari

A Tanzania safari is a dream come true for many travelers, but with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right safari for your needs. From budget-friendly camping safaris to luxury lodges and private reserves, there’s something for every traveler. In this article, we’ll provide you with information on the different types of safaris available in Tanzania and tips on how to choose the right safari based on your interests and budget.

Types of Safaris

Budget Camping Safari

If you’re looking for an affordable Tanzania safari option, a budget camping safari might be the right choice for you. These types of safaris are designed for budget-conscious travelers who want to experience Tanzania’s wildlife without breaking the bank. You’ll typically stay in basic campsites or public campsites, and sleep in dome tents. Meals are prepared by a cook, and you’ll have a driver-guide to take you on game drives.

Lodge Safari

A lodge safari is a step up from a budget camping safari, and offers a more comfortable and luxurious experience. Lodges range from basic to high-end luxury, and you’ll have the opportunity to stay in private reserves, as well as national parks. You’ll typically stay in rooms with en-suite bathrooms, and meals are served in a dining area. Lodge safaris are a good option for travelers who want a bit more comfort and privacy.

Fly-in Safari

A fly-in safari is a great option for travelers who want to maximize their time in Tanzania. Instead of driving between destinations, you’ll take a small plane to your next location. This allows you to cover more ground in a shorter amount of time, and is ideal for those who want to see as much as possible in a limited time frame. Fly-in safaris are typically more expensive than other types of safaris, but the convenience and efficiency are worth it for some travelers.

Walking Safari

A walking safari is a unique and intimate way to experience Tanzania’s wildlife. You’ll be accompanied by an armed ranger and a guide, and will explore the bush on foot. Walking safaris are typically shorter than other types of safaris, and are a great option for travelers who want to experience the wilderness up close and personal.

Cultural Safari

A cultural safari is a great option for travelers who want to learn about Tanzania’s rich culture and history, in addition to its wildlife. You’ll have the opportunity to visit local villages and interact with the Maasai people, who are known for their distinctive dress and customs. Cultural safaris can be combined with other types of safaris, such as lodge or camping safaris.

Tips for Choosing the Right Safari

Consider Your Budget

Tanzania safaris can range from budget-friendly to luxury, so it’s important to consider your budget when choosing the right safari. Determine how much you’re willing to spend, and then research the different options available in your price range.

Choose the Right Safari

There are many types of safaris available in Tanzania, each with its own unique features and benefits. Here are some of the most popular types of safaris:

Game Drive Safari

This is the most popular type of safari in Tanzania, and involves driving around the national parks in a 4×4 vehicle to observe the wildlife. Game drive safaris can range from a few hours to several days, and can be customized to suit your interests and budget.

Walking Safari

For a more immersive safari experience, consider a walking safari. This involves walking through the wilderness with an experienced guide, and can be a great way to observe the smaller details of the ecosystem, as well as the larger animals.

Balloon Safari

For a truly unique perspective on the wildlife and landscape, consider a balloon safari. This involves floating over the national parks in a hot air balloon, and provides an incredible panoramic view of the surrounding area.

Cultural Safari

Tanzania is home to many different ethnic groups, each with its own unique culture and traditions. A cultural safari can provide an opportunity to learn about these cultures, interact with local communities, and gain a deeper appreciation for Tanzania’s rich cultural heritage.

Photography Safari

For photography enthusiasts, a photography safari can provide the opportunity to capture stunning images of Tanzania’s wildlife and landscape. These safaris are typically led by professional photographers who can provide guidance on composition, lighting, and other technical aspects of photography.

Choose the Right Accommodation

Tanzania has a wide range of accommodation options available, ranging from budget-friendly camping sites to luxurious lodges and tented camps. Here are some of the most common types of accommodation:


Camping is a great option for budget-conscious travelers who don’t mind roughing it a bit. Many of the national parks have designated camping sites with basic facilities, such as pit toilets and fire pits.

Lodge/Tented Camp

For a more comfortable safari experience, consider staying at a lodge or tented camp. These facilities typically offer comfortable beds, hot showers, and gourmet meals, as well as amenities such as swimming pools and spa services.

Mobile Camp

A mobile camp is a great option for those who want to experience the wilderness up close. These camps are set up in remote areas of the national parks, and can be moved to different locations depending on the animal migrations and other factors.

Choose the Right Tour Operator

Choosing the right tour operator is crucial for a successful safari experience. Here are some tips for choosing the right tour operator:


Do your research to find a reputable tour operator with a good track record of customer satisfaction. Read online reviews and ask for recommendations from friends and family.


Look for a tour operator with experience in Tanzania and the specific type of safari you are interested in. Experienced operators will have a better understanding of the local wildlife and ecosystem, and will be better equipped to handle any unexpected situations.


Make sure that the tour operator employs knowledgeable and experienced guides who are fluent in English (or your preferred language). A good guide can make all the difference in your safari experience, providing insights and information that you might not get on your own.


While price is certainly a consideration, don’t choose a tour operator based solely on price. Cheaper operators may cut corners on safety or quality, which could lead to a less enjoyable safari experience.


In conclusion, choosing the right Tanzania safari requires careful consideration of several factors, including the time of year, the type of safari, the accommodation, and the tour operator. By doing your research and planning ahead, you can ensure that your safari experience is safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable.